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I Wish I Knew

As you sit next to me, so close yet so many worlds away,

I feel more for you with each new day.

I’m afraid to look at you, for fear of giving myself away.

Sometimes I think maybe you try to get a look at me.

Or is that just my fantasy?

Am I just leading myself on, just like I’ve always done?

Or are you actually the one?

I wish I could ask you.

I wish I knew, just what it was I was getting myself into.


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Someplace Else

Someday I’ll be able to go.

I’ll be able to be free from the strangled webs of yesterday

that remain with me in this town forever.

I’ll live in a place where no one knows my mistakes

and where they all know what it takes to be honest.

Oh, sweet honesty, where did you go?

When did you slip form my grip?

About the same time I lost grip on reality.

Sometimes I think I’ve got a hold on things again,

but the second I start feeling secure I lose it all again.

Someday I’ll be able to go.

All the broken dreams of yesterday will be forgotten,

like all the tears that I’ve shed.

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