Someday the love I have to give will be given to the one who deserves it.

If he shows up.

I get tired of waiting sometimes.

What if he never comes?

What if he misses that bus that’s waiting to take him to his destiny?

Then where will I be?

Back here to where I am right now, wondering what happened.

I hate waiting.

Half of our lives our waisted away by waiting.

If I counted all the hours I’ve waited, you’d be surprised.

In fact, I’m waiting right now.

Waiting for this period to end.

I hate waiting. 


To you I give my bleeding heart,

That should’ve been yours from the very start.

I wish you could know how I feel.

My life no longer seems real.

I guess I set myself up for the fall.

I believed in you, I wish I knew what kept us apart,

this reason that has broken my heart.

Can’t you see the real me?

When I smile, it doesn’t mean I’m happy.

Smiling is just another mask I use to hide my face when I look at you.

Unrequited love is nothing new.

I guess I should’ve known you’d never love me from the start, but still to you I give my bleeding heart.

Maybe someday you’ll see, just what it means to turn someone away, who loves you so much.

Someone who longs only for your touch.

So unto you I bestow this gift, for there is no one else to give it to.

Unrequited love is nothing new, so to you I give my bleeding heart.



I see you now.

Things have changed so much. Your not the same sweet kind man I fell in love with. 

I gave you my dreams, and you threw them all away.

You broke my heart, and now you don’t even care anymore.

You changed my life, you made me smile, but now you’re gone and you never said goodbye.

I’m left alone, nothing but memories remain.

You helped me through some hard times, just to leave me, hopeless.

Now that you’re gone, what do I do?

Someday I’ll know how to be happy again.

Someday I’ll be able to let you go, and go on living without you.

But until someday comes, I’ll go it alone.


As you sit next to me, so close yet so many worlds away

I feel more for you each and every day

I’m afraid of looking at you, for fear of giving myself away.

Sometimes I thinkmaybe you try to steal a look at me, or is that just my fantasy?

Am I just leading myself on, like I’ve always done?

Or are you actually the one?

I wish I could ask you, I wish I knew,

Exactly what it is I’m getting myself into.